Pediatric Orthodontics for children
When should you take your child to see the orthodontist?  Between the ages of 6-8 most children will have gotten their first adult molars, otherwise known as "6 year molars".   A child with airway issues, large tonsils, snoring, lots of sore throats or ear problems might want to see an orthodontist earlier as airway in developing children is critical to mental and physical development.  A chart of just some visible problems that can be seen visually by parents is shown in this blog. See if your children have any of these visible issues.  One of the worst things you can do to your jaw position and the development of your face is to suck your thumb.  Parents please try to not let your children get into the habit of thumb sucking, and if they do try to stop the habit quickly.
To have a good smile and proper development one needs to have properly aligned jaws, teeth and a good airway.  A lack of any of these items can set someone up for dental and other problems over the course of their life.  Not everyone needs orthodontic treatment but it is always best to evaluate someone earlier as it is easier to resolve issues rather than trying to treat them later.  Most orthodontists provide complimentary consultations.