Canary System, Dr Todd Snyder, General Dentist Laguna Niguel
The Dental Profession now has the ability to be more preventive and less invasive compared to traditional diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) and restorative therapies. The Canary System was launched in January 2013 and offers patients earlier insight as to where a cavity is located and quantifiable so that it can be treated or monitored over time.  No other diagnostic dental tool to date in dentistry has had this level of accuracy.  Dental radiographs are approximately 67% accurate because the tooth has to have enough damage present for a radiograph to actually be able to show enough change for identification.  The Canary System is so highly accurate that it can find a defect up to 5 mm deep within the tooth that is only 50 microns in size.  The traditional dental model of finding pathology and then amputating the diseased portion of tooth is archaic, with the Canary System it is possible to intercept cavities earlier allowing for the possibility of reversal of the condition such that drilling on a tooth could be avoided.  What type of care do you want for your mouth? I want a Canary in my mouth.