Oral Bacteria Transmission. Laguna Niguel Dentist
Tooth decay/cavities and gum (periodontal) disease are two of the most prevalent types of diseases spread by contact with other individuals.  Mother to child bacterial transmissions have been studied and shown to have a vertical transmission to other family members and friends around them.  Professor Remco Kort, PhD, MSc, along with Micropia and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research studied the amount of bacteria and type of bacteria amongst kissing partners.  They found that the bacteria was very much the same in both individuals.  In only 10 seconds of intimate kissing someone can unknowingly spread up to 80 million bacteria which could substantially change the bacterial content of someones mouth.  If someone has bad gum disease and or high rates of tooth decay it is possible that they could transmit the same colonized bad bacteria and disease problems from their own mouth to another individual.    Careful who you are kissing out there!