pH Spectrum in Daily Dietary Consumption
The typical Western diet is made up of many different types of food, however those foods having a lower or more acidic pH comprise the majority of ones diet. Mass production processed foods have become more abundant on many store shelves and more convenient to consume quickly. They have also created higher levels of health issues and tooth decay.

Many of the acidic types of food can have a significant impact on ones body in the form of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, tooth decay and much more. Tooth decay is the most common disease in Western civilization. Albeit preventable and treatable, tooth decay is a disease process that is transmissible to others and is 100% preventable.

Many people will consume acidic liquids and foods throughout the day without taking the time to rinse or remove the residual substances left behind. This process does not allow sufficient time for normal salivary function to neutralize and bath teeth to reverse the damaging effects on tooth structure from the constant acid exposure. So if you are at home all day, at school or at work you need to take a few minutes after every meal or acidic beverage and clean your mouth.

Acidic liquids are commonly ingested throughout the day. Coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices and many brands of bottled water. Looking at the image above one can see that there are lots of naturally occurring foods that are alkaline. One can see that dietary intact for many people tends to be acidic by the food and liquid choices that are made. Many foods are alkaline but are typically consumed less than the foods that make up the acidic spectrum of foods. Supplementing water or alkaline foods at the end of a meal can help neutralize pH levels.  Additionally Xylitol and Recaldent based gums, mints and mouth rinses can be used to help neutralize acidity and assist with remineralization of the teeth. Refrain from brushing teeth for 15 to 30 minutes after acid exposure to the teeth as brushing can cause damage to the weakened tooth structure.

Todd Snyder, DDS, AAACD of Aesthetic Dental Designs in Laguna Niguel, California suggests that everyone should try to minimize the damage that occurs to the teeth because of dietary consumption of acidic foods and liquids.