Eco Friendly Green Dentistry

Here at Aesthetic Dental Designs, we feel it is our responsibility not only to
provide our patients with the highest quality of treatment, but to also utilize methods
and products that are sustainable to our planet. Just as it is our utmost goal to care for
our patients welfare and safety, we believe it is also our obligation, out of concern for
the protection and health of the Earth, to put forth diligent efforts to maintain practices
that are eco friendly and environmentally safe. Dr. Snyder and his staff have
accomplished this in various ways to support Green Dentistry in the office.

What is Green Dentistry?

In our efforts to implement aspects of green dentistry into our general dental office we have focused on:
Amalgam Separators
Biodegradable enzymes for safely cleaning water lines
Biodegradable disposable products
Latex free gloves
Energy conservation
Paperless office
Recycled instruments
Mercury & BPA free materials
Digital radiography
Digital cavity detection
Steam sterilization
Office cleansers
Distilled water
Natural products such as Xylitol