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Mom and Dad's Little Superstar!

The need for a mouth guard for your little superstar is very important at any age to protect the teeth, oral health and risk of concussions.  One should also be concerned with the bacteria that accumulate on the mouth guard over time. They need to be disinfected and or replaced regularly to prevent potential cavities and gum disease.
Spreading the Disease

Spreading the Disease

Dental cavities, gum disease and HPV are infectious diseases of the oral cavity that are transmitted to those around you.  Get annual examinations and routine cleanings 2-3x/year to reduce the risks.
Cementation of a zirconia crown

Zirconia Crown Cementation

There are lots of great choices for materials to use when cementing a zirconia crown.  In a moist environment when good retention and resistance forms exist traditional resin chemistry may not be the best choice.  Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cements can be a great alternative.  The addition of a ceramic primer improves the adhesion to the crown as it  allows the resin within the cement to chemically bond to the zirconia.