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We are commonly asked the question of, "How much does a Porcelain Veneer Cost?"

There is sometimes a misconception that all dentists and their work are the same or that a veneer or a crown are all the same is totally incorrect. Any industry that offers personalized service and utilizes custom fabrication of a product can never be duplicated or offer the same outcome. Many dentists may do things similarly and get similar results but there are also highly skilled dentists that offer substantially different results because of their training and the fact that they are creating a custom one off product. Remember the process of fixing a tooth or a smile is 100% custom and the skill, training and artistic abilities of both the dentist and the master ceramist that crafts the veneers out of porcelain is what makes for a good appearance. The custom, artistic fabrication and handling of the tooth is unique to each tooth in our office, unlike most offices that treat every tooth the same and will often use a less skilled ceramist to create their restorations.

So shopping by only price will get you typically a poor outcome. We can say this because almost half of the cases we treat are Replacing Cosmetic Dental Procedures due to appearance and lack of skill when fabricating veneers and crowns. When you are evaluating an office you need to find out about their process, how many cases they have done and what training they have. I would want to see that they have done lots of cases and have lots of photos of their work so that i can see what type of craftsmanship I would be purchasing. We can make teeth any color shape or appearance vs many offices create the same look for every patient. Because of the custom nature of each tooth and smile being different, the technique that the dentist and laboratory technician provide will be varied based on the difficulty of each case. Hence there is not a set fee, but rather a range based on degree of difficulty, time and materials involved. With all the variability it's like asking a mechanic how much it costs to fix your car without them seeing the car first. They really need to see what all is involved, to determine the parts necessary and time to do the work. Dentistry is a custom procedure for each tooth and situation it is not something we pull off a shelf and do the same for everyone.

A Google Search for "How much does a Porcelain Veneer Cost" sheds light on the wide range of costs based on skill, training, technique and materials. Here is a link pertaining to due to appearance and lack of skill.

Dr. Todd Snyder is an international lecturer and author on Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. Dr Snyder helped to write a book on Cosmetic Dentistry which is given to our patients during their complementary cosmetic consultation. You may also call and request a copy.

We offer complementary consultations to offer education and determine a cost for each unique case. We offer patients knowledge on the process of cosmetic alteration of tooth structure and what to look for when interviewing other dentists before making a decision based solely upon the cost.

We hope this helps. If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact our office.
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