We love to meet new people that we can help with their oral health and appearance. We provide an entirely different level of care, quality craftsmanship and beneficial health information on how to manage your oral health that you will not find in today's insurance driven dental industry. Thanks for finding us we look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your needs. Please take a moment to fill out the Online Health History Forms.


We strive to provide you with state of the art, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. We understand the current economic conditions and strive to provide financing that will cover the majority of patients that apply.

- We accept checks, cash or credit cards.
- We also offer flexible payment plans.
- We accept all major credit cards.
- We offer traditional third-party financing.
- We offer no pre-payment penalty installment agreements that allow the majority of patients to be approved.
- We accept most traditional insurance plans, contact our office Financial Coordinator to verify acceptance of your plan. We are happy to file your insurance claims on your behalf for reimbursement, but we will do so as an out of network provider. We do not participate in Health Management Organizations (HMO's).


Our office is occasionally seeking patients that are looking to have the following types of dental treatment performed. These particular forms of dental treatment are needed for specific utilization in dental literature and lecture presentations. Patients that are accepted as being ideal cases to highlight these forms of treatment can often have the treatment costs slightly reduced in exchange for their time. If interested in finding out if your case meets the selection criteria please contact our office for a complementary consultation.

- Single Implant for one missing Upper Front Tooth
- Cosmetic Bonding for the Upper Six Front Teeth
- A Single Upper Front Crown
- A Crown Replacement of an Upper Front Crown
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